Team Razor Sharp

Lamont Bradley

Hey Dayton, Ohio!!! I’m Lamont Bradley an advanced, professional barber. I welcome young & old, men, women & children. I’m very efficient at gentlemen’s cuts, razor lines, fades, & men approaching age with grace. I also do some color shading for the aging male. I’m a very timely barber & your time is valuable to me, so I book by appointment & stick to it! Schedule today!!!

Burlie Quartman

Hey I'm Burlie "Frost" Quartman: I am a licensed Master Barber 💈 I've been cutting 8 + years now, and I'm excited for what's New. I am a husband of ONE Wife, and 6 Kids lol.. your Barber has been to hairshows, I've won Barber competitions I do these things to get better, and to learn new ways to accommodate my clients always looking to get better. I look forward to see you Soon! To schedule with me hit the link below

Dori Owens

Hello  Ladies & Gents!!!  My name is Dori Owens, I’m a family Barber where men, women & their children are welcomed. Full towel shaved & beards are my thing. I love the old school, pampered, ultimate feeling. I look forward to cutting, shaving, waxing, coloring, starting & maintaining your dreads. Not only will I care for your hair but you toes & hands as well! Look no further, I here to give you YOUR total experience! No need to wait, schedule today!